Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The final week begins

Kristina continues bisecting the stockade trench fill.
Monday's fieldwork at Mission Escambe continued in high gear, as our crew worked efficiently and energetically to extract as much data as possible from our remaining open excavation units before the 2012 season ends this Friday.  Most remaining work this week focuses on feature excavation and profile mapping, and even though most students are no longer digging with shovels or sifting large wheelbarrows full of dirt, the detailed, close-quarters work of wall trench and other feature excavation is where archaeology is most obviously a detailed scientific endeavor.  The photos below illustrate some of our finds and activities on Monday.
Lead buckshot found within the stockade trench fill.
Katie and Kendall work on unit profiles.
Nick works on mapping his deep excavation unit.
Wesley and Michelle continue digging and profiling trenches.
Remaining dark fill in the junction of two wall trenches.

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