Friday, April 11, 2014

Continued archaeological testing along the Escambia

Today's student field crew at the riverbank
Shovel testing continued today at the possible location of the Creek town of Los Tobases along the Escambia River near McDavid, Florida.  Under the field direction of UWF graduate student Michelle Pigott, the field crew including four other grad students (Katie Brewer, Melissa Maynard, Ericha Sappington, and Jillian Utter, all pictured to left) and their professor (John Worth) excavated four new shovel tests near the ones completed two weeks ago, finding additional evidence for Native American occupation including potsherds and quartzite flakes in most of the units.  The river was swollen following recent rains upriver, highlighting the importance of the higher terrace ground where the site is located.  We were also joined by self-described "colorful local guide" Neal Collier.  Pictures from the fieldwork are below.

Michelle and Ericha finishing the unit, with Neal looking on
Jillian lands a perfect shovel toss, with Melissa and Ericha at the screen
Michelle catches up on her notes in the swinging bench
Katie supervises while Jillian digs and Melissa sifts
Jillian watches Melissa and Ericha cleaning the walls of the deep shovel test