Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Race to the finish

X-ray of 18th-century iron fishhook (with barb) found last week.
Under clear and hot conditions, Tuesday's fieldwork at Molino witnessed even more progress toward our final day this Friday. Continued feature excavation was paired with the backfilling of yet another two 1x2 meter units, leaving just three open units (though totaling 10 square meters). The pictures today provide images from the bisection of intriguing double post with a pair of clearly-preserved postmolds within a deep figure-eight shaped posthole, and also shots of an x-ray of the fishhook found last week in Area C, and a large, well-preserved nail found in the stockade trench in Area B.

Bisection of the double posthole begins.
Excavation continues at a lower level.
Completed bisection of the 32cm-deep double posthole.
Large iron nail with rust flaking away.

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