Thursday, July 26, 2012

One day left!

Sherd of Rhenish stoneware found today in feature context.
Today our field crew powered through our fourth full day of fieldwork under clear summer conditions, bringing home literally scores of bags full of soil from the multiple wall-trenches and other features now being excavated in our two remaining open excavation units.  Like a swarm of ants, students are working quickly but capably in our 2x2 meter unit to dissect the intersections between four separate wall trenches and several other adjacent features.  Nearby, several good examples of postholes were excavated today in a 1x2 m unit, which is also being brought down to sterile subsoil before mapping and backfilling tomorrow.  A few pictures from today will preface what promises to be a very busy and eventful day tomorrow as we close down the 2012 field season at Mission Escambe.

An archetypical posthole profile.
Profile of the deep, double post shown in an earlier post.
The double post after excavation of the other half.

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