Monday, June 4, 2012

Some finds, and a rain day

A tubular white glass bead.
Circular metal button with attached iron shank.
After a rain day last Friday, which gave our students a chance to get some time in at the lab (pictures below), today's weather was much better, starting out pleasant despite a hot finish in the afternoon.  Our fieldwork today produced a number of interesting finds, including a number of diagnostic potsherds, a bead, and a metal button (pictures above, and below).  In Area C, we have finally begun to drop below the yellow clay cap in portions of both excavation units, and the rich, dark midden deposit below will await the removal of overlying clay cap layers.  One of the Area B units is already well within the mission-era midden deposit, which is littered with Apalachee pottery and other items, another is still in mixed mill and mission deposits near the surface, and yet another seems to be in the midst of a maze of animal burrows which may have destroyed all traces of our stockade wall in this area.

The face of the button.
We're making great progress, nonetheless, and hope to have more discoveries to share as the week progresses.
A pinched rimfold typical of Apalachee pottery at Escambe.

A large sherd of lightly brushed pottery.
Dark midden soil beginning to appear below the yellow clay.
Students rough-sorting in the lab on Friday's rain day.
Danielle Dadiego and Patty McMahon ponder structure outlines.

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