Saturday, June 16, 2012

Four weeks down, six to go

Michelle Pigott describes the "waffle unit" to the full crew.
Danielle Dadiego shows Feature 10 in Katie Brewer's Area B.
Friday was marked by standard summer weather for Molino, with a threat of showers that (this time) didn't materialize.  Our crew continued digging and documenting, preparing for new units to be opened in pursuit of elusive wall trenches. 

After lunch, our supervisors gave our weekly summaries of ongoing progress to the entire crew, including the "waffle unit" in Area C (with a checkerboard pattern of raised dark midden areas divided by yellow clay trench fill), and the newly-discovered corner to Feature 10 in Area B, where we hope to open a unit following the stockade line south on Monday.

Wesley Garrett mapping profiles in his completed unit.
Work also began in a new unit in the western part of Area C, designed to trace out the Feature 122 wall trench until it corners.  This unit was tightly bound by huge roots from a sweetgum tree, unfortunately, which resulted in an epic battle between our P.I. and the roots.  One broken splitting axe later, the largest root was finally removed by day's end (see pictures below).

The largest and most resilient roots remaining.
Dr. Worth delivering the final blows to the largest root.

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