Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another short rain day

Today we were frankly lucky to get in even half a day's work, since the clouds built all morning until we were rained out at 11:00. Nevertheless, it was still a productive day, with one crew re-excavating the backfill from one of our 2009 excavation units, another using the total station to re-establish datum positions in order to lay in a new 2x2 meter unit, and the two remaining crews continuing to excavate the remaining shovel tests in the woods. Below are a few videos and images from the day.

Below are Amelia Easterling and Lee Ann Wayland at the total station, with Mark Vadas holding the stadia rod in the background.

Sometimes trees get in the way; shown here is Mark Vadas bending a medium-sized sweetgum out of the way for a total station reading.

In the video below are Hallie Johnson, Sydney DePalma, and Allen Wilson re-excavating the backfilled unit from last year's dig; also shown are Linda Geary and Danielle Dadiego.

The photo below shows Hallie Johnson and Danielle Dadiego working to get the last remnants of backfill from the 2009 unit; also pictured are Allen Wilson, Sydney DePalma, and Linda Geary.

Despite our short day, waterscreening the wall-cleaning from one shovel test produced a nice decorated potsherd that appears to be Wakulla Check Stamped, straddling the line between the Late Woodland and Early Mississippi periods (somewhere around a thousand years ago).

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