Friday, May 28, 2010

Two weeks down, eight to go

Today students wrapped up the second week of field school under typical summer conditions: sunny, hot, humid, and buggy. Two of our most recent shovel tests to the east of the primary mission deposits were finished and backfilled today, and both produced at least some evidence of mission-era Apalachee pottery, including a very good example of the type Ocmulgee Fields Incised, with remnants of a pendant loop below three parallel lines (photo to right). This type, traditionally associated with Creek Indians in middle and western Georgia and east-central Alabama, was apparently picked up by Apalachee expatriates who lived among the Creek during the period from 1704-1718, and added to the existing assemblage of Apalachee wares.

The two units completed today were both along the easternmost margins of the terrace on which the site is located, and may represent marginal areas of the site. Nevertheless, one test produced evidence for a compacted sandy layer that may represent a structure floor, despite the sparse collection of artifacts from this area (pictured on left at this unit are Mark Vadas, Sydney DePalma, Danielle Dadiego, and Cody Poitevint).

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our considerable gratitude to Boyett's Septic Tank & Vacuum Pumping for the portable toilet and sink setup which they have provided for our student field crew this year. This is a real help to our field school, and makes daily life in the field a lot more convenient.

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