Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014 Fieldwork Begins

The complete student crew on the first morning.
Under a blue sky and warm late spring weather, UWF's 2014 Colonial Frontiers field school got off to a great start today, with a full crew.  Pictured to right are (back row): Michelle Pigott (field director), Kristin Parrish, Olivia Pitts, Melissa Poppy, Melodi Hacker, Cody James (student supervisor), Jodi Preston, Nicole Capitano, Kandiss Campbell, Katie Brewer (site supervisor), Jen Knutson (student supervisor), Jillian Utter (student supervisor), Ericha Sappington (student supervisor), (front row) Melissa Maynard (student supervisor), Chelsea Randall, and Kayla Rowe.  Today's work included instruction in trowel sharpening, flat shoveling, laying in and stringing excavation units, field paperwork, and general site clearing and other equipment setup.  Tomorrow we plan to begin four new excavation units and one new shovel test, and hopefully Mission Escambe will begin to yield up more of its secrets to us in our fifth year of fieldwork.

Cody demonstrates trowel sharpening technique.
Melodi and Nicole work on their trowels.
Ericha demonstrates flat shoveling.
Melissa demonstrates problem-solving in fieldwork.

Jillian demonstrates checking unit measurements.

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