Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meet the crew

The 2011 UWF Pensacola Colonial Frontiers field school is truly a team effort, and today's post highlights our crew, with photos accompanying brief bios, all written by the students and staff themselves, in alphabetical order.

Colin Bean: "I am a second year graduate student at UWF. I am interested in British colonial archaeology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). I have been doing archaeology since the summer of 2007."

Sarah Bennett will enter UWF's graduate program this Fall to pursue an MA in Historical Archaeology. She is interested in Colonial archaeology of Northeast Florida and public archaeology. Sarah also enjoys the beach, reading, movies, and being outdoors.

Katie Brewer: "I graduated in 2010 with my B.S. in Anthropology and History from Portland State University in Oregon. I am currently using both areas to pursue my Master's in Historical Archaeology. This field school is a learning opportunity to help me in my goal of a career in archaeology."

Marie Burrows is an undergraduate studying Historical Archaeology and working to support herself and her husband and two year old daughter. She hopes to stay in the area and find CRM work so that her daughter can be raised close to both sets of grandparents.

Lindsey Cochran is a graduate student at the University of West Florida studying terrestrial historical archaeology. Her primary academic interests include plantation studies and British colonial archaeology.

Danielle Dadiego: "I am a second year graduate student at the University of West Florida studying historical archaeology. My main interests include paleography, working with Spanish and ecclesiastical Latin historical documents and colonial trade systems."

Ashley Geisel: "I am a senior undergrad at UWF with a double major in archaeology and history with a minor in European studies. I want to go on to specialize in medieval and early Britain doing some sort of public archaeology."

Jonathan Harpster: "I'm an army brat, born in Germany to an army serviceman, I've wanted to do Archaeology since I was around 3 and first saw Raiders of the Lost Ark. Even though archaeology is nothing like Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones I'm still more than happy to do it, and enjoy spending time in the field or even the lab simply because I like to stop and think about what these items were used for and what history is behind them."

Norma Harris is a Research Associate at the UWF Archaeology Institute, specializing in Native American and Spanish colonial projects. She has been doing archaeology in Florida and Georgia for more than 20 years.

Ralph Hosch, Jr. is a native of St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana who received his BA in Anthropology from Tulane University at the ripe old age of 36. His subfield of interest is in Biological Anthropology, but his heart belongs to Archaeology. Ralph’s sons, Landon and Zachary, are upset we still haven’t found a golden idol, but are relieved that Ralph hasn’t been chased by a giant bolder yet (thanks Indy)!

Alesia Hoyle: "I am studying Archaeology and Studio Art at the University of West Florida. I have wanted to an archaeologist since the 6th grade and have always loved creating art. The world is beautiful in its state of constant growth and deterioration, and I desire to bring this to light in my work as a dirt lover and artist."

John Hueffed graduated with a BA from the University of South Alabama. He is interested in classical archaeology.

Phillip Mayhair: "I am a undergraduate Archaeology major at UWF. I grew up locally and graduated from Northview High School in 2008. I have a strong interest in Pensacola's history, especially the colonial colonial era, and I work at Historic Pensacola Village."

Patty McMahon is a graduate student in the Historical Archaeology program at UWF. Her primary academic interests are contact period archaeology, public archaeology, and preservation, and her secondary interests include pretty much everything else.

Rachael Mead is an Anthropology and Classics senior at the University of Florida, but a Pensacola native. She joined the field school this year to learn more about the history of Pensacola and get field experience in archaeology. She is interested in classical history and ancient languages and plans to pursue a graduate degree in Classical Archaeology.

Michelle Pigott is a new UWF graduate student studying historical archaeology. She is originally from Orlando and is excited to be living in a new city with such a deep and complex history. When she's not thinking about how awesome Florida archaeology is, Michelle likes to sew, read or play video games.

Nick Simpson: "I'm a senior, majoring in archaeology and I would like to get a master's in bioarchaeology from University of Colorado at Boulder. I like to spend my free time climbing, skating, skim boarding and slack lining. I also have every album from every band Slash has ever been in."

Joseph Stevenson is a undergraduate Sophomore at the University of Miami. He is perusing majors in Anthropology and Marine Affairs. After that he plans to go on to graduate school.

Brady Swilley: "I am an archaeology major interested in the medieval period of the Middle East. I am also a very devoted Christian."

John Worth is Assistant Professor of historical archaeology in the UWF Department of Anthropology. Since his first archaeological field school 30 years ago, he has specialized in the impact of European colonization on the Southeastern Indians. In addition to archaeology, he conducts archival research on colonial Spanish documents.

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