Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a difference a day of rain makes

After yesterday's rainout we were eager to get back to the site, however the site we came back to looked little like the site we had left on Wednesday morning. Lets just say things were wet; very, very wet!

In spite of intermittent rain showers, we did manage to finish up two of the shovel tests.

One shovel test was capped by the same fill as several of the other shovel tests, but under the fill, the original soil was intact, and the students found a tiny piece of whiteware or pearlware while digging through soil
which was far less than ideal (in fact it had the consistency of half-melted ice cream). They were good sports about it, however.

Though we have yet to uncover any further evidence of the mission so far, the field school students are definitely getting their first taste of practical archaeology: being wet, hot and muddy!

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  1. It can't always start out perfect the first time. Where would the fun and science be in that? Keep up the good work, great discovers come up when least expected.